Behind the flags

Have you heard the word vexillography, vexillographer and vexillology? Sound complicated? If you have not yet heard what is this word or knows what the meaning is this better continue reading ahead to get a bit of idea what it is. A simple clue for you to think and you might get to know what it is. It has a connection with flags.
Let us not wait longer and let us reveal the answer on what is vexillography. This is what they say the art and practice of designing a flag. For the person who is designing flag they are called as vexillographer and the study of a flag is vexillology.
If you are thinking that designing a flag is easy and simple well better think twice because there are principles, rules and regulation in making one. There are different and many factors that should be considered. Some of it that are considered upon designing a flag is the history and the culture of the country not only the past but also the present and the future should also be considered. The color that will be used should be right and appropriate to the country that will be represented. The color should have a connection with it also. Another factor that should also be considered is the shape that will be used, logo and in case writings that will be included.
There are some flags that as the years goes by it changes. The reason that there are changes in it is because of a recent event that affects the country. This changes that happen will make the flag more memorable and very important for the citizens of the said country.
Here are just some of the names of prominent or famous vexillographers that you want to know. George Stanley the designer of the flag of Canada, for India is Pingali Venkayya, Fredrik Meltzer for Norway, for Cyprus the flag is designed by Ismet Guney, according to few historians the American flag was designed by Francis Hopkinson, the designer for Pakistan flag was Syed Amir-uddin Kedwaii, for Malaysia who designed their flag is Mohammed Hamzah. This is just only a few names and there are more if you are interested knowing who are responsible for the designs of the flag of the different country.