National Flag

What country are you from? Do you know or can you identify another country flag aside from your own country?
A flag but more specifically a national flag has a very important role in a country. This piece of cloth or fabric which is usually in a rectangular shape is not a mere decoration but it symbolizes the country it represents.
As we all see and observed not only in your own country but as well to another country, this national flags can be seen in a different establishment. This cannot only in public or government buildings but also private one such as schools, hospital and other more
If you think that a flag of a country is just a piece of colored cloth better think twice again. Those who attended school know how and why is a national flag is very important. There are many man died to defend their country where they suffered and wanted to protect their country. As you can see this also represents the history and the future of the country. There are flags that changes as the time goes by but still the meaning of the flag it represents is still there.
Each country has thought and planned well the design of their national flag, from the symbols, colors, writings, layout and other things that need to be considered. Each of these details represents an event that signifies to the country and also their principles.  Flags are different from each other. There are not duplicate or identical ones. There are some that are plain simple, there are some are a bit complicated to look at. But whatever it looks like there are meaning to it.
We as citizen of our each country is our duty to treat the national flag with respect just like how we show respect to the leaders of the government. Remember that there are consequences in mistreating a national flag and this also depends to the country and their laws. And in handling a national flag there are proper ways to handle it in every situation especially if it is already very old and need to be kept.