Sheldon Cooper Fun with Flags

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As I am doing some research and reading about flags something caught my attention not just because it is about flags but what was it all about. At first, I look at is a joke or a prank but as I watch this I guess this podcast has a different way to show the viewers how to learn more about flags and make it entertaining even in a weird way (no offence to others who love this show).

Are you wondering what podcasts show I am talking about? A CBS TV series which name is The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper which presents Fun with Flags.  Jim Parsons, the actor who portray the fictional character as Sheldon Lee Cooper is a senior theoretical physicist.

If it is your first time watching this show you might get the vibes of weird but as you watch it longer you will get the hang of it. The show has its own way of giving an educational show.  This show is a bit funny in its own way. Why is it? It is because they somehow make it look like an ordinary day to day scene that you see in a room with a group of friends that are studying.

In the first episode for the Fun with Flags, they mentioned the word vexillology which is a study of flags. The way Sheldon deliver his lines are actually funny. Even the boring like the way of delivering his lines still has something the viewers can learn. When they show what national flag they are on they make sure that they are also in character. That is a lot of effort there for them to make the viewers understand more not only about the flag itself but also the country too.
Not only different national flag is being mentioned here but also other flags from movies and other more. Their guests are also entertaining as well which add up to make the show more fun.Watch this shows first before you comment and when you are done with all the episodes of Sheldon Cooper Fun with Flags then voice out what you think about this show.

Click here to play the game