Similar flags

Flag of each country is unique and this symbolizes and represents the country to other country. Even thou that the flags are unique from each other and have different meaning on how the flag was designed and come up, there are still flags that look a bit similar. Similar in where it look almost alike and if you do not study it thoroughly you would not be able to identify which is which. Some flags are almost identical but vary only with the shade of the color where in the other is darker or lighter color used, some are the proportions, other differ only with the national symbol that is on the flag and some are almost identical but just missing a symbol.

Get a good look on all the national flags and look who look similar to each other.  Here are some of the flags that are almost similar to other flag. Let start with Monaco and Indonesia flag where in both have red and white that is in equal horizontal but the only different with each other is the proportions of the flags where in Monaco flag is much wider or bigger. Aside from this two Poland has the same colors and but the color is switch where the white is above and the red is below. Another set of flags that just vary from there proportion is Luxembourg and Netherlands flag.

Another set of flags who should watch out is Romania and Chad that almost look the same but the only difference is the blue tint where in the other darker from the other.

Observe the flag of Palestine and Jordan. This both flag are almost the same but the only difference is at the center of the red field flag of Jordan it has a seven pointed star.

Moldova and Andorra flag is also almost the same except the national symbol that is in the flag.

These are just only few of the flags and there are still more. So better be careful on identifying different national flags especially if they have other flags that very much similar to it or close to it. When encountering flag that look similar it will become very tricky to identify it.