What country are you from? I bet you know even your eyes are closed what the flag of your country look like and you can even describe it without drawing it. Whoever the person you ask about the flag of their country that can describe it. But do you know what the flag of Thailand, Australia, Finland, Israel and other more?  Maybe those countries that are popular and well known you can remember but what about the other countries flag.
The game Fun with Flags is all about flags where it will challenge the player if they can recognize what the flag of the country that will be given. There are over 250 flags out there that a person should recognize. You will be lucky if you are one of those people who know all these flags.
A flag is very important in a country. This shows the history of a country and also an identity. Each flag is different from each other. Some are simple and some are complicated to look at but each of this has its own meaning may it be the color, shapes, and writings on it.
Fun with flags from the name itself will make sure that even you are learning while playing this game the player will surely have fun. This educational online game is very much recommended to be played not only to children but also for adult. Children can learn more about different flags of each country while grown up can refresh their memories ad challenge themselves if be able to answer all levels from 1 to 15. And after level 15 see the result and be able to review where you went wrong.
In this game, a country name will be given and there will be four flags will be shown. One out of this four flags is the correct answer. The player will go through 15 levels.
Learning now a day can be fun. Why? It is because now even while the person is playing he or she can learn at the same time. Today parents can be at ease when their children play educational online games.